Why have ISO 9001?


In many cases, the initial reason stated for deciding to adopt the ISO 9001 Quality Management System is to increase sales opportunities. In others it is because customers (and potential customers) require it, or because it is recognised as a valuable business management tool.

The ISO 9001 certification demonstrates your company’s commitment to providing a product or service that meets customer requirements, and exceeds customer expectations, by managing the business effectively and continually striving to improve.

The internationally recognised ISO 9001 certification can give your company a competitive advantage when bidding for contracts.

There are an increasing number of business sectors where it is a prerequisite to have ISO 9001 certification to be approved as a supplier.

Reduction of the number of external audits by clients is also a benefit quoted by companies following certification.

Focussing on the quality of your product or service will result in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved business management

Realisation of improved business effectiveness by:

·         Improved management control:

Clear objectives and direction

Defined roles, responsibilities and skills

Monitoring, measuring and corrective action

·         Increased profitability

Reduced wastage of time, resources and money

Improved efficiency of working practices

·         Efficient business operations:

Uniformity and continuity

Ownership of processes

Communication of data and information

·         Key Performance Indicators:

Decision making based on factual data

Identification of areas for improvement

Prevention of potential problems